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Towel Warmers & Radiators

At Crawford Tiles & More we supply both Towel Warmers and Radiators. We have incorporated a wide variety of styles and designs of radiator and towel warmers into our showroom displays. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to advise what size and style is suited to your bathroom.

Capo Curved

Capo Curved 1200 x 600 Towel Warmer

Diva 1200x400

Diva 1200 x 400 Towel Warmer

Diva 25mm Black

Diva 25mm Flat Black Towel Warmer

Coneva 1800 x 440

Coneva 1800 x 440 Radiator

Madison Grey Double Panel Towel

Madison Grey Double Panel Towel Warmer TRDG125 

Chrome Towel Warmer 1200x600

1200 x 600 Chrome Towel Warmer

Dimano Crossover

Centre - Dimano Crossover Radiator

Left - Osimo Mild Steel Radiator

Victoria Traditional Radiator 960 x 675


Bolca Satin Black Aluminium

1530 x 485

Capo Straight Chrome Towel

Capo Straight Chrome Towel Warmer

1600 x 600

Sesia Chrome

Sesia Chrome Towel Rail

1180 x 500

Porte Mid Steele/Chrome

Porte Mid Steele/Chrome Towel Rail

1200 x 500


Towel Radiator

1740 x 600

Madison black towel Warmer

Madison Black Towel Warmer

1150 x 500

Elvo Stainless Steel Heated

Towel Rail

660 x 530

Pizzo Stainless Steel Radiator

1000 x 600

Burton Aluminium Radiator

1180 x 485

Fermo Satin Blue Towel Radiator

1190 x 480

Fermo Satin Bronze Radiator

1550 x 480

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