Wood Effect Tiles

A small selection of wood effect tiles. We have over 20 wood effect tiles on display in our showroom, call instore to see our fantastic ranges

American Elmwood

20 x 120 cm

Blaze Nogal.jpg

Blaze Nogal

15 x 90 cm

Ebony Miel.jpeg

Ebony Miel

60 x 120 cm

Havana Walnut 22x90.jpg

Havana Walnut

22 x 90 cm

Giza Gris 22x90.jpg

Giza Gris

22 x 90 cm

Barnwood Tiel Grey.jpg

Barnwood Tiel Grey

15 x 90 cm

K2 Roble.jpg

K2 Roble

20 x 120 cm

Ebony Haya.jpeg

Ebony Haya

60 x 120 cm

Havana Almond 22x90.jpg

Havana Almond

22 x 90 cm

Giza Roble 22x90.jpg

Giza Roble

22 x 90 cm

Barnwood Tilden Silver.jpg

Barnwood Tilden Silver

15 x 90 cm

Wood Roble.jpg

Wood Roble

22.5 x 90 cm

Ebony Gris.jpeg

Ebony Gris

60 x 120 cm

Havana Coffee 22x90.jpg

Havana Coffee

22 x 90

Giza Quercia 22x90.jpg

Giza Quercia

22 x 90 cm